Hieropice Gallery

These pieces were created for specific Hieropice customers, or as one-off artistic endeavors, never to be repeated. Hieropice welcomes custom design opportunities, get inspired and make a custom item request on our Contact Page!

Ocean Scene Wall Art by Hieropice
A sea-life composition, with starfish and barnacles.

Nature Wall Art by Hieropice
A magical nature setting with lichen and moss, under glass.

Terrarium Wall Art by Hieropice
Inspired by whimsical imaginings, this Seussian landscape now lives in a child's nursery.

Sea-orb by Hieropice An attempt to capture the magic of the ocean under glass.

Succulent Terrarium by HieropiceDesert Terrarium
Created to commemorate my time living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, this necklace incorporates a complete desert landscape, with striated hand-dyed layers of sand, miniature sculpted Saguaro cacti with tiny spines, agave and ocotillo, with rock formations and lichen tumbleweeds.

Miniature Pig, by Hieropice This piece was made for a customer seeking a gift for her sister, who adores pigs.

Miniature Wooly Mammoth by Hieropice This customer requested a miniature wooly mammoth. Naturally, an icy, wintry landscape was in-order!

Goldfish, by HieropiceThis customer loves all things koi and goldfish, but didn't feel confident about keeping the live versions in her home!